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Лицензия: Платный
Языки: Латиница
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Имя семейства шрифтов Merchant Thin Cond
Имя шрифта Merchant-ThinCondensed
Имя начертания Regular
Идентификатор шрифта Version 1.000;;Merchant-ThinCondensed;2022;FL720
Версия шрифта Version 1.000
Дизайнер Rajesh Rajput
Ссылка дизайнера
Производитель Rajesh Rajput
Ссылка на лицензию
Лицензия EULA By downloading/installing Merchant free typeface you agree to this license. This typeface is freeware, you can use it freely for personal and commercial projects. The typeface files may not be modified without written permission from Rajesh Rajput ( Rajesh Rajput is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of this typeface. Except for your right to use this typeface, all other rights are owned and retained by Rajesh Rajput. Thank you for your support. Please spread the word around, if you like the Merchant typeface. Rajesh Rajput For more information contact:
Копирайт ©rajeshrajput
Описание Merchant a graceful Transitional Serif Typeface with gorgeous and pleasant contrast and beautifully crafted characters makes it ideal for logos, titles, brands, editorial design, and magazines. Merchant comes with 3 Widths (Condensed, Regular and Expanded), 9 Weights (Think to Black) and 27 Styles and is also available as a variable typeface.
  • 21.01.2023
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