Koch Grotesk 16TertiaMinuskel шрифт

Лицензия: Неизвестно
Автор: Poem
Языки: Латиница
Пример шрифта Koch Grotesk 16TertiaMinuskel Пример шрифта Koch Grotesk 16TertiaMinuskel

Информация о шрифте

Мы собрали всю самую важную информацию о шрифте Koch Grotesk 16TertiaMinuskel. Ниже приведена таблица о версии файла шрифта, лицензии, копирайта, имя дизайнера и вендора-продавца. Информация взята с "TTF" файла шрифта.

Имя семейства шрифтов Koch Grotesk 16 Tertia Minuskel
Имя шрифта KochGrotesk-16TertiaMinuskel
Имя начертания Regular
Идентификатор шрифта 1.000;POEM;KochGrotesk-16TertiaMinuskel;2023;TR4-
Версия шрифта Version 1.0
Торговая марка Koch Grotesk is a trademark of Poem, Rudolf Koch, Edvinas Zukauskas and Jerome Knebusch.
Дизайнер Rudolf Koch, Edvinas Zukauskas, Jerome Knebusch
Ссылка дизайнера https://www.jeromeknebusch.net
Ссылка на продавца(вендора) https://www.poem-editions.com
Производитель Poem
Ссылка на лицензию https://www.poem-editions.com
Лицензия Please read carefully the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) you have recieved with the invoice when purchasing the fonts. Any use of this font software without a purchased licence is strictly forbidden and a violation of its copyright.
Копирайт Copyright © 2023 Created by Rudolf Koch, Edvinas Zukauskas, Jerome Knebusch. Published by Poem. All rights reserved.
Описание Koch Grotesk is the newest revival of Neuland by Rudolf Koch, designed by Edvinas Zukauskas and Jerome Knebusch and published by Poem for NeulandÕs centenary in 2023. It is the most faithful to Gebr. KlingsporÕs products and includes one separate font for each of the nine original sizes. The appearance is rough, especially when comparing multiple sizes. One notices that the characters in each size are not enlarged or reduced versions of the same master. Koch wrote, Ôthe inventor of the form and the maker of the punches were united in one person. The typeface was created without a previous draft on paper, from the mass of metal and the [punchcutterÕs] tool, as a sculptural task.' Koch Grotesk also includes a tenth font with lowercase letters. For the first time, this tenth font gives designers access to Gebr. KlingsporÕs never-released Neuland lowercase and their matching uppercase. Koch Grotesk was accurately redrawn based on the archives at Klingspor Museum Offenbach and Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt. Only few, necessary glyphs have been added, and the font names correspond to the point sizes and original German terms. Copyright (c) 2023, all rights reserved.
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