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Лицензия: Платный
Языки: Кириллица, латиница
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Имя семейства шрифтов Crucifix Pro
Имя шрифта CrucifixPro
Имя начертания Regular
Идентификатор шрифта CanadaType: Crucifix Pro: 2013
Версия шрифта Version 2.001 | wf-rip DC20131010
Торговая марка Crucifix is a trademark of Canada Type
Дизайнер Rebecca Alaccari
Ссылка дизайнера
Ссылка на продавца(вендора)
Производитель Canada Type
Копирайт Copyright 2004-2005 Canada Type. All rights reserved.
Описание In June of 2004, Canada Type released Crucifix, a condensed three-tiers typeface that tried to bridge the gap between traditional blackletter forms and the traditional European gothics. The main goal of Crucifix was to have as many as 4 different variations on each letter form, so the original release consisted of three fonts: a main font with a standard character set, a small caps set, and a unicase variation. Now Canada Type presents the next generation of this typeface: Crucifix 2.0 and Crucifix Pro. This new version takes advantage of both Unicode and OpenType technologies to make Crucifix as versatile as ever. The PostScript Type 1 and the True Type version boast extended Latin character set support, including Western, Eastern and Central European, Turkish and Baltic, as well as two non-Latin scripts: Cryillic and Greek. The OpenType version, Crucifix Pro, goes even further by including all of above in one font, along with proper automation to accommodate on-the-fly ligatures, small caps, numerators, denominators, some fractions and a ton of stylistic and contextual alternates - all programmed to work with the latest OpenType-enabled programs. With more than 900 characters, Crucifix Pro is one convenient font for all your gothic titling needs. Unique, stark and edgy, Crucifix has that clinical sharpness and special dramatic wonder to make it perfect for mystery and horror design settings.
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